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Annual Sports Day

The first Annual Sports Day of GD Goenka Signature School was declared open with the releasing of balloons by the youngest members of the school and the Principal, Ms Nisha Bhakar. Students of Pre-Primary till Grade 2 demonstrated the skills they have mastered in the ‘Kid-Fit’ program at the various skills play stations. Parallelly, the students of Grade 3 to 8 engaged in Football, Squash, Table tennis, Lawn Tennis & Basketball matches. The track events had everyone on the edge of their seats. Pre-Nursery to Grade 2 completed the race course balancing beans bags, jumping over hulla hoops, tossing balls and imitating kangaroos. They were all awarded medals for their great spirit and endless energy.

Students of Grade 3 to 8 competed in 80, 100 and 200 meter races as well as in relay and shuttle races. As an ideal cap to the day’s events, a parents versus #SCJWorldAcademy mentors handball match was played, followed by more fun races for the parents to enjoy. Winners of the competitions for Grade 3 to 8 and the races for the parents were honored with their medals by Ms Nisha Bhakar. It was a day of astounding sportsman ship and team spirit. The compliments and applauds kept pouring in as the audience cheered for the participants and the parents appreciated the efforts of the staff and students.