CBSE or ICSE? Find out which is better for your future and why!

Early education builds the base of a child’s future. And when it comes to education, a child’s priorities should be considered, his/her individuality should be respected, and whatever decision is taken, it should be done considering all the possibilities for their consistent future success.

Notably, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution available in education. Every child is unique. Likewise, the options for choosing a suitable education method are also not limited. Different education boards are available in India, each with advantages and features. In this article, we will talk about them, with special reference to the CBSE and ICSE board of education.

About different education boards in India

The schools in India offer both Indian and International syllabus, and they cater to the educational needs of students across the country. Presently, the top educational boards in the country are – CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), IB (International Baccalaureate), and State Boards.

IB is a global leader in international education, focused on preparing students for overall development to thrive in a fast-changing world. More than students between 3 and 19 years of age get education under the IB board.

State Boards refer to state government-recognized boards. They are unique to every state and follow individual syllabus and study patterns, emphasizing subjects and materials of local interests.

About CBSE

CBSE is short for the Central Board of Secondary Education. The national board of our country promotes high-quality education for students in both public and private schools. CBSE is committed to equity and excellence in education, and it has a vast presence in India, with nearly 26054 affiliated schools. (Source). It also has almost 240 schools internationally. (Source)

About ICSE

ICSE is short for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. The examination is conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE), a private secondary education board. It is also well-recognized in India, and its education policies comply with the New Education Policy.

Differences between these two boards

While the focus of CBSE is on Science and Mathematics, ICSE focuses more on practical subjects covering different subject streams, including literature, language, humanities, etc. CBSE may be a good choice for students seeking future careers in medical and engineering fields. ICSE may be a good option for seeking versatility in selecting subjects, overall student development, and developing strong English proficiency to study abroad.

As far as the language preference goes, ICSE emphasizes English, making it helpful for students to clear standard examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, etc., needed to get admission in foreign universities. No such language preferences exist in CBSE.

Since CBSE schools are located across the country, it is actually very helpful for students with parents in transferable jobs. CBSE uses an alphabetical grading system. ICSE emphasizes scores.

The above are some of the striking differences between the two boards. Both are well-known in India, and different schools use their courses. Both help develop the needed skills and expertise in students.

On selecting the right board for the future of your child

Every student is unique, and so their preferences and priorities also differ. This is why it is essential to find a school that appreciates the individuality of every student and thoughtfully designs course content that directs them towards a coherent learning and development path. When choosing a curriculum, it is essential to explore all available options and select the one that fits your child’s expectations and skill levels. An effective curriculum is always open for mentoring, and it keeps on accommodating new changes to make study relevant to the times.

As mentioned above, every board has its characteristics and supports the development of students. Finding the correct board is a subjective choice, and its criteria may differ from one person to another. For example, CBSE may be a great choice to prepare students for competitive exams. ICSE schools may be a great option for preparing students to study abroad. But again, it does not conclude anything. ICSE students may also do very well in competitive exams. Likewise, students with a CBSE background may readily get accepted into universities abroad. What matters is how the quality of education is imparted in a specific school.

Affiliated CBSE schools Gurgaon

Give your child the best education. At GD Goenka Signature School, we deliver comprehensive education with dedication, sincerity, and excellence. The school provides a safe and quality learning environment where students are empowered to nurture their love of learning and thrive on new challenges for a successful future.

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Have A Journey Back to your best Boarding School?

“The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one”. – Malcolm S. Forbes

India follows the colonial age education system brought by Britishers. They replaced our traditional education system with English ones. We ought to understand that the education system introduced was not for the welfare of their renowned Asian colony (a gem of their crown) but to help them exploit it.

It’s ironic that even after 75 years of independence, we still follow our colonial legacy. Actually, after the British left, we have gone from bad to worse at following their education system.

What is the basis of my argument?

India has not created a Nobel Prize winner in science since 1930 (CV Raman). As of July’21, India is ranked 45 out of 55 countries in the International Intellectual Property Index (that is certainly not glory for a 1.3 billion nation). In the Healthcare system, India ranks 66 out of 195 countries in 2019. These are just a few popular indexes of a good education.

Not to be said, India has not improved, but the pace of it.

What went wrong?

  • Since the medieval period, India has been ignorant about scientific revolutions around the world. We still are carrying some of it.
  • Two third of our population still lives in rural areas, which could never grow at par with their metropolitan counterparts.
  • Questioning norms and thinking out of the box is discouraged in most domestic or educational spheres.
  • Our approach is still problem-centric, and not solution-centric
  • Obsession with western culture and language (English)

In 2020, the Pandemic happened, and we all were forced to change the norms of almost every sphere of our lives. But, every cloud has a silver lining.

The New Education Policy launched by the government, though very late, could also be seen as timely in the context of the pandemic.

Teachers on their way back to school

The past two years have not been easy, but rather a nightmare for so many people. Stories of loss of jobs, loved ones, and uncertainties all around it.

While engaging in deep conversations with our teachers, they shared stories of distress, burnout, and moral injury.

With the grace of the almighty, we are fortunate to have the courage and support of the entire G.D.Goenka family as Best Boarding Scool in Delhi NCR, that we fared well. Working in a school with high positive morale, you realize it is not luck but years of discipline, and hard work. It is through this commitment, inspiring and visionary leadership, and honest heart-to-heart conversations that schools like G.D.Goenka have protected and maintained the high morale and well-being of our staff.

Building that morale was important as these staff had to endure the years of quality assessments and individual and institutional accountability coupled with pandemic teaching and mandates.

Students eager to return to schools

Returning to CBSE school in Gurgaon is an exciting time for students, something they have been longing! Picking out your first-day-of-school outfit a night before, the smell of Crayola crayons, arranging the books and notebooks in bags, and finally meeting the friends.

Below are things to be done to ease their return:

  • Returning back to the old normal: At G.D.Goenka, we understand that changes can be stressful, and the students will take some time to adapt to these changes. Every child is unique, and so is our approach to them.
  • Dealing with anxiety: Through proper morning schedules, we can help relieve the fear of the unknown by letting children know “what comes next”, which will create predictability and confidence. Practicing the same schedule will help in unwinding the subconscious memory, building confidence, and relieving anxiety.
  • Connect with the Classroom: Regular students or new admissions, after such a gap, these students arriving at schools will naturally be missing the connect with the community, so, this needs to be addressed. It can be done through interactive games, mentor-mentee or peer-to-peer interactions, and of-course with the due course of time.
  • Social-Emotional Learning: This part of learning has definitely gone amiss in the virtual mode of learning, which forms a base of other social skills (man being a social animal). When all the stakeholders emphasize on the self-consciousness among students, self-management, social consciousness, building relationship management skills, and responsible and accountable decision making, to create leaders of the next generation.

Gone are the days when education used to be about having degrees. Today, it’s all about learning new skill sets to set you ahead of the norm.

At G.D Goenka, we encourage our students to think out of the box and ask questions others never thought of. Just asking questions would not suffice, rather finding answers on their own is what our mentors teach these bright stars of our sky.

This pandemic has definitely forced us to upgrade our education technologically, giving us the time to contemplate on what transformations can be made to change the fundamental values around education in our country. Since we are already in a momentum, we believe this is the time to bring in the changes.


What is the full form of CBSE?

CBSE’s full form is the central board of secondary education. Private and public schools follow the national-level educational body. This board is controlled by the Government of India. CBSE board conducts examinations for 10th and 12th standard students on the national scale annually.

In 1962, the board was established. CBSE is one of the oldest boards in India, and it has its headquarters in New Delhi. At the same time, regional offices are spread across the country, including Chennai, Ajmer Delhi, etc. The official language of the boards includes English and Hindi.

Who is eligible to appear for the CBSE exams?

The students enrolled in the CBSE affiliated schools are allowed to appear for these examinations. Irrespective of your caste, religion, creed, economic background, gender, tribe, race, etc. You can appear for this examination. You can also appear for the national eligibility test if you have done your master’s degree featuring an aggregate of more than 55% from a recognized university.

How can you find the best CBSE school?

Almost all Indian cities have at least one or two CBSE schools. You can consider using the CBSE school directory to find out the best CBSE school in Gurgaon. There are around 20,290 CBSE schools in India, and the number is going to grow every year.

Almost all the Kendriya Vidyalaya are associated in affiliated with CBSE. Noida Delhi is the education hub of India and has the best CBSE schools.

Reasons to choose CBSE schools.

Well researched and curated curriculum

One of the best parts about choosing CBSE is that it is highly structured and age-appropriate for students. The curriculum is updated regularly, and several international schools also follow the same structure for the academic year. The curriculum is also job-oriented, which puts the elements which will strengthen the students by helping them gain technical knowledge and also shapes their career significantly. The CBSE board is highly beneficial to the student’s future studies.


CBS is ideally student-centered and is quite student-friendly as compared to other state boards, which is the only reason why several schools follow the CBSE curriculum. The learning process becomes quite joyful as the subject books are very illustrative and exciting, and the activities included between the lessons help in easing the process of learning for students. The students do not need to feel stressed while they are at school. The learning experience is pleasant. Students will be able to apply what they have learned when they choose CBSE schools.

No not learning

The CBSE syllabus is exceptionally student-friendly, and even the CBSE exams are student-friendly. Students do not need to be scared of exams. The typical way of mugging the lessons for the exams is not essential when students choose the CBSE curriculum. The question paper tests the knowledge and makes the students think creatively.

best for reputed institutes

Suppose students want to pursue higher education studies in centralized institutions, including IIT. If that’s the case, then CBSE offers one of the best foundations as it prepares the students for the entrance examinations of the reputed institutions. Most of the questions of the entrance exams are from the CBSE curriculum, and the question format is also conceptually based. It gives the CBSE board students a heads up for the first entrance exam. Hence the students have more advantages than other students in that manner.

Focus on Co-curricular activities

When students are enrolled in a CPS school, they do not focus mainly on the core subjects. There is also a focus on the core scholastic activities at the same time. Sports can be pursued besides studies; hence, this ensures both physical and mental balance for students. It offers overall development for students that makes things perfect.

Freedom to choose subjects

One of the best parts about CBSE is that students are allowed to choose some subjects that align with their interest lines. It is not mandatory to select a particular topic as the student enjoys the subject choice freedom. CBSE is known to be one of the most flexible dreams, so one should not be stressed while choosing it.


The CBSE board is uniform all over India, and the curriculum is generally the same for all the schools that offer that board. English and Hindi are typically used as a medium of instruction which can be pretty helpful for families which shift from one city to another often due to work reasons. There is no need to worry about the change in the curriculum for the kids.

Language friendly

CBSE offers English and Hindi medium schools, and the teaching medium is perfect for Indian students. The grading system of the CBSE board it’s pretty uniform and consistent. It follows a specific design and structure of grading that allows the students to follow seamlessly.


Why Is Scientific Inquiry Important For Students?

At GD Goenka CBSE School in Gurgaon Students learn to research while engaging in scientific inquiry, which gradually develops critical scientific ideas. Through inquiry, students gain knowledge and comprehension of the world around them.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case, although it’s commonly called discovery-based learning. There are several compelling reasons you would want to conduct a scientific investigation with your students, and scientific inquiries can be shown in various ways. What matters is to consider what kind of advice and background information pupils will require to ask meaningful questions.

The approach to examine natural life and propose an explanation based on data is called scientific inquiry.

The following are essential factors in this process:

Wonder: The learner poses a query, speculates on what might be generating a natural action or reaction, and then seeks an explanation.

Model: Students create an investigation model that incorporates experimentation, observation, and a presentation of the inquiry’s rationale. The scientific inquiry model states the purpose of the investigation and the process employed to arrive at a solution.

Explanation: This is the stage where the conclusions are presented based on evidence gathered after testing the hypothesis and assessing data.

Observation vs Experiment as Research Methods

The scientific approach used is determined by the topic. Observation is the fundamental mode of inquiry for the majority of natural occurrences. When an expected outcome or hypothesis is created first, students confirm it, experimentation is appropriate.

Scientific Inquiry-Involved Activities

Students present various points of view and list their observations during brainstorming sessions. Facilitators can use the strategies to assist students in learning the scientific inquiry process and formulating a hypothesis. The following are examples of classroom exercises that stimulate students’ scientific research:

  1. Experiments in the laboratory
  2. Model building
  3. Object grouping and classification
  4. Event or object comparison
  5. Classroom debate

Children begin the process by reading a text and then asking questions. These questions are discussed in class and posted on sites. Students are encouraged to challenge hypotheses and consider different answers or relationships. Then students carry out lab activities or go on field trips. They could also collaborate in groups to make models as a class project. When numerous minds come together to create an inventive concept, they might learn to collaborate while doing so.

They then create a graphic organizer to help them organize their thoughts. They illustrate how a phenomenon works by using the organizer to highlight the relationship between several aspects. The graphic organizer is particularly inclusive since it is a highly adaptable medium of recapitulation. It enables each student to express their grasp of the issue without adhering to a predetermined standard. They are encouraged to communicate their information uniquely instead of copying what others have done.

Top suggestions for a successful inquiry
  1. Encourage kids to research issues that will result in a result that can be explained using age-appropriate scientific knowledge. Students can, for example, spend time researching why different colored sweets react with HCl in different amounts of time. However, the significance of the investigation will be restricted until an appropriate conclusion can be reached.
  2. Avoid open-ended inquiry, which can lead to students employing incorrect science to explain phenomena.
  3. Provide kids with safe and straightforward equipment to have autonomy, control, and the ability to make mistakes – this is more motivating.
  4. Put the inquiry in a context that students can understand and care about to make it more authentic. If students can discover something that can impact their behavior, this can be a powerful strategy.
  5. Emphasize reflection and evaluation of outcomes.

Which curriculum is best for my child?

With so many options around, finding the best curriculum for their children can quickly turn out to be a confusing and time-taking job for parents. But if you do little research and keep your child’s priorities in the middle of the decision-making process, things should not be challenging enough. Here is a brief overview of the word ‘curriculum’ and its different aspects, followed by some best practices to consider while choosing one.

About Curriculum

The word ‘curriculum’ encompasses many things combined and is reflective of different characteristics. Generally speaking, it refers to what a school is attempting to teach – content, thinking skills, social behaviors, etc. It is a ‘roadmap’ or a defined ‘guideline’ that will support the learner to gather specific knowledge and skills. One of the dynamic traits of a curriculum is that it can be changed, adjusted, and modified to remain relevant to the times. In other words, it refers to the totality of experiences an attendee (student) will gather while getting taught in an educational institution by teacher/s.

Importance of curriculum

An effective curriculum helps set measurable goals and provides better insights for all stakeholders about all the developments. Teachers and mentors can track students’ progress in the classrooms. Students can assess their gradual development, and guardians can stay updated.

Another benefit of the curriculum is that it aligns teaching and learning. Teachers can work together to develop courses that will be easy and supportive for every student as they progress from one grade to the next.

In an increasingly intertwined and interconnected world, which is largely driven by technology, having a curriculum that is revised for consistency and relevancy is very important. Thankfully, the curriculum can be improved over time with feedback gathered from the stakeholders.

Simply put, the curriculum imposes a strict set of necessary orders about what needs to be taught for the development of students. No matter your role is – parent, teacher, community member, administrator, or student – curriculum connects everyone with the core goal of imparting quality education.

On choosing a curriculum

When choosing a curriculum, it is essential to explore all available options and select the one that fits your kid’s needs and expectations and is good enough to build a solid foundation for their consistent future success.

One important thing to consider while finding a curriculum is to see if it can meet the needs of individual learners. It should be prepared to accommodate the suggestions from educators representing all grade levels. Every stage of the curriculum should support its next stage.

Also, a curriculum should be flexible and open for mentoring and evaluation to remain relevant to the times. Ask important questions like “Will it offers sufficient opportunities for the cultivation of necessary skills in my child?” “Has it been prepared to support the future of my child?” “Will it be a good option for the kind of personality and preferences my child has?”

If your child is joining a school for the first time or switching to a different school board, you may want to speak with parents of children already studying there and gather feedback. Guardians may be in a position to provide the most relevant information, often giving detailed clarity you would have missed.

Similarly, you can go to the verified and credible sources of information available on the Internet and elsewhere to narrow down your search for the best school for your child.

An essential thing to consider is to know if your child will adjust and find the curriculum interesting enough. Keep their preferences central to every decision-making process.

Different schools may have different curriculums. Choose the one that best fits your expectations. Parents in transferable jobs may find CBSE schools a good option for their children’s education. CBSE is also an excellent choice to develop essential skills to crack future competitive examinations. On the other hand, parents looking for diverse and challenging educational experiences and intentional exposure in education for their children may find better value in IB schools.

Every child is unique, and so are their preferences and learning styles. Choose a school that understands their individuality and designs course contents that direct them towards a coherent learning and development path for present and future success.

Best school in Sohna

Give your child the best education. At GD Goenka Signature School, we deliver comprehensive education with dedication, sincerity, and excellence. Should you want to learn more, continue visiting other parts of this website!


Top 5 advantages of CBSE Curriculum

One of the most powerful points supporting the CBSE curriculum is that it is very student-friendly. Thoughtful attention is given to making learning fun and interactive so that every student understands concepts faster with fewer barriers. The flexible, well-defined, and holistic education structure makes CBSE a precious board, with more than 26054 affiliated schools spread across the country and 240 in 28 countries. (Source) What makes CBSE schools so sought-after, and where do they stand compared to other board schools? We take a brief look!

CBSE Board

Short for Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE is the national level board of education in our country, dedicated to promoting high-quality education for students in both public and private schools. It is a very well-recognized board with an excellent track record of imparting valuable education for students across the country and beyond.

Benefits of CBSE curriculum and CBSE schools

The word curriculum can have a wide-ranging definition. Generally speaking, it’s a roadmap or guideline that will consistently support a student to gather the necessary knowledge and skills for overall development. It is the totality of experience a student earns while getting an education in an institution.

Given below are some of the most critical positive points favoring the CBSE board of education –

Interactive approach to learning

CBSE programs are designed to be student-friendly. This means students get opportunities to absorb the knowledge imparted thoroughly. The integration of useful, interactive and fun activities help attendees participate in an encouraging and supportive learning environment. It makes the entire learning process highly efficient, geared towards more hands-on, real-world information processing. Interactive learning encourages collaboration and supports students to work in groups; it is also helpful in developing analytical skills and reasoning.

Greater opportunities to clear concepts realistically

Not all boards approach a similar mode of education. Some may set higher expectations from students, wanting them to understand every detail mentioned in the textbook thoroughly. This may result in some students mugging up content, eventually failing to form a clear, informed understanding of the topics discussed. On the other hand, CBSE promotes conceptual education, allowing every student to understand the content engagingly and practically thoroughly. The students need to gather a realistic idea of the topics to answer the questions.

Build a solid foundation to compete well in competitive exams

The quality of education imparted in CBSE schools is focused on preparing students for overall development, including their consistent future success. Although the choice of the board does not decide one’s chances of succeeding in competitive exams, CBSE school students have a good record of performing well in competitive examinations.

Suitable for students with parents in transferable jobs

CBSE has a pan-India presence with more than 20 thousand schools located nationally and 200+ schools in other countries worldwide. The vast network of CBSE-affiliated schools makes them a great choice for students with their parents in transferable jobs. With a uniform syllabus in all schools, it is easier for students to take the pace and not get left behind while relocating to a new place.

Adequate focus on mental and physical health

Another powerful benefit from studying from CBSE schools is that they seek to promote overall development in students, including their physical and mental health. Sport is one of the significant parts of the curriculum.

Other benefits –

The CBSE study pattern is flexible because it allows students to choose their preferred stream. Overall, it seeks to create a positive environment for students and build solid foundations for their future success. In other words, the CBSE curriculum is extensive and covers different areas of education and development, aiming for comprehensive growth in students.

Choosing a good school for your child

When it comes to choosing a good school, consider your child’s preferences during the decision-making process. Ensure that your child will get the needed exposure and environment to grow well consistently.

Best CBSE Schools in Gurgaon

Suppose you are looking for a safe and quality learning environment where students are empowered to nurture their love of learning and thrive on new challenges for a successful future. In that case, GD Goenka Signature School is the best choice available.

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Finding The Best CBSE School For Your Child Here Is Some Hint To Help

Schools, its importance and the requirements-

Education is a must thing in everyone’s life, and education in a proper system for everyone can only be provided in a school. School is called the second home of every child, and in the homes, the child has to feel safe, comfortable, and independent. So, when it comes to school and schools should also provide children the independence to choose the things which they find interesting to learn. Basic knowledge of everything should be provided, but mastering everything is never possible for any child. So, school is a place where the child can discover their interests and work on it; even school should be the first place to provide a chance for everything possible to their students and encourage them in everything required.

What is required in a school?

A school should always be supportive of every child studying there. Studying not only means studying books. People can study music, art, and participation in sports and games are also a part of studying. So, be it anything and any study, every child should be given equal chances and opportunities to explore themselves, their talents, and their interests. These things will lead to the overall development of children. The school not only prepares the child for the future and the career, but it also shapes them into better human beings. In school, they are taught how to respect elders and the people at the same level. Many people are working; they can be teachers, lower-level staff members, drivers, seniors, juniors, and classmates studying. So, behavior towards every age group and every person is taught, and the importance of respecting everyone is known at schools.

The child knows about self-respect, confidence, and honesty in the school and knows what impact these things will have on their lives and other lives. Making schools and every activity there interesting is the main motive of every school. The use of technology makes children aware of technology, its use, and making them learn its use is important in today’s time. Making studies interesting makes the children grasp learning faster.

All these features are provided by GD Goenka Signature school, and it is also considered at one of the best schools in Gurugram. Parents can get their children admitted to these schools and have a sigh of relief because their children will have all the things required to have a bright future and be a better human.


Quick Guide On Best CBSE Schools In India!

Education plays the most imperative role in a person life; it fills the curious minds with knowledge and the hearts with wisdom to become a nice human being. Parents always suffer from a dilemma regarding the admissions of their children and they are mostly confused regarding where to educate their child so that the child gets the best education with social value. Best CBSE schools in India provides a promising environment with an aim to develop knowledgeable, caring, decent, curious and inquiring individuals who can lead the nation into prosperity.

This CBSE school in Gurgaon does not focus on the Academics only they infuse comprehensive efforts in enhancing and promoting extra-curricular activities such as sports, theatre, and music so that the students can unravel their hidden talents.

What are the academic courses offered by the good CBSE School?

CBSE board school in Gurgaon provides numerous academic programs to cater to every need of the students so that they can join as a toddler and can graduate as a dedicated and responsible adult. The academic courses offered by the CBSE school are:

  • Primary years: Primary years are one of the most important years of school life because at this stage the children start to learn new things and their mind is filled with curiosity. The children are provided with a nurturing and encouraging environment which motivates them to learn. The primary years are from Grade I to Grade V.
  • Middle years: The middle school programme is diversified into broad categories of subjects such as mathematics, science, humanities, languages, and arts to bestow the students with practical and as well as theoretical knowledge. Well, the grades IX and X are accredited with a separate International credit and is, therefore, one of the Top CBSE schools in Gurgaon!

You can find many Good CBSE schools in Gurgaon and focuses on the overall development of the students from the beginning of their journey so that they can unravel their talents and become good human beings with knowledge and values.

best schools Boarding School CBSE Events

Annual Day Celebrations

The GD Goenka Signature School inaugurated it’s School Auditorium with the 1st Annual Day celebrations on 17th February 2018. The school’s Chairman, Mr Rishi Raj Jain and Ms Smita Jain, graced the occasion with their presence. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by the Principal- Ms. Nisha Bhakar sharing the school Annual Report, highlighting the achievements of the students.

As the speech concluded, the excitement was palpable and the students geared up to present the ‘sung- through’ British Musical – ‘CATS’ by TS Eliot. The curtains were lifted and all the students showcased their talent and unveiled the beautiful tale of a tribe of cats called the ‘Jellicles’. The spectacular show left the audience spellbound and as the students took their final bow, the thunderous applause just would not stop!