Fire Drill

Posted On: 19 October 2023 | 11:49:pm

🔥🚒 Safety First at GD Goenka Signature School 🚒🔥
We’re thrilled to announce the successful completion of our scheduled fire drill on Monday, October 16, 2023! 🙌 The safety and well-being of our students always take top priority, and this drill was a crucial step in ensuring their preparedness for emergencies.
Kudos to our dedicated staff and amazing students who showcased a solid grasp of safety procedures, making the drill run like clockwork.
But that’s not all! 🚒👨‍🚒 We had the local fire brigade team join us for a demonstration, enhancing our students’ awareness of fire safety. Knowledge is power, and we’re committed to equipping our students with the tools they need to stay safe.
At GD Goenka Signature School, we believe in a secure and thriving learning environment.
Stay tuned for more updates on how we’re keeping our students prepared and protected!
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