What is the full form of CBSE?

Posted On: 20 June 2022 | 06:44:pm

CBSE’s full form is the central board of secondary education. Private and public schools follow the national-level educational body. This board is controlled by the Government of India. CBSE board conducts examinations for 10th and 12th standard students on the national scale annually.

In 1962, the board was established. CBSE is one of the oldest boards in India, and it has its headquarters in New Delhi. At the same time, regional offices are spread across the country, including Chennai, Ajmer Delhi, etc. The official language of the boards includes English and Hindi.

Who is eligible to appear for the CBSE exams?

The students enrolled in the CBSE affiliated schools are allowed to appear for these examinations. Irrespective of your caste, religion, creed, economic background, gender, tribe, race, etc. You can appear for this examination. You can also appear for the national eligibility test if you have done your master’s degree featuring an aggregate of more than 55% from a recognized university.

How can you find the best CBSE school?

Almost all Indian cities have at least one or two CBSE schools. You can consider using the CBSE school directory to find out the best CBSE school in Gurgaon. There are around 20,290 CBSE schools in India, and the number is going to grow every year.

Almost all the Kendriya Vidyalaya are associated in affiliated with CBSE. Noida Delhi is the education hub of India and has the best CBSE schools.

Reasons to choose CBSE schools.

Well researched and curated curriculum

One of the best parts about choosing CBSE is that it is highly structured and age-appropriate for students. The curriculum is updated regularly, and several international schools also follow the same structure for the academic year. The curriculum is also job-oriented, which puts the elements which will strengthen the students by helping them gain technical knowledge and also shapes their career significantly. The CBSE board is highly beneficial to the student’s future studies.


CBS is ideally student-centered and is quite student-friendly as compared to other state boards, which is the only reason why several schools follow the CBSE curriculum. The learning process becomes quite joyful as the subject books are very illustrative and exciting, and the activities included between the lessons help in easing the process of learning for students. The students do not need to feel stressed while they are at school. The learning experience is pleasant. Students will be able to apply what they have learned when they choose CBSE schools.

No not learning

The CBSE syllabus is exceptionally student-friendly, and even the CBSE exams are student-friendly. Students do not need to be scared of exams. The typical way of mugging the lessons for the exams is not essential when students choose the CBSE curriculum. The question paper tests the knowledge and makes the students think creatively.

best for reputed institutes

Suppose students want to pursue higher education studies in centralized institutions, including IIT. If that’s the case, then CBSE offers one of the best foundations as it prepares the students for the entrance examinations of the reputed institutions. Most of the questions of the entrance exams are from the CBSE curriculum, and the question format is also conceptually based. It gives the CBSE board students a heads up for the first entrance exam. Hence the students have more advantages than other students in that manner.

Focus on Co-curricular activities

When students are enrolled in a CPS school, they do not focus mainly on the core subjects. There is also a focus on the core scholastic activities at the same time. Sports can be pursued besides studies; hence, this ensures both physical and mental balance for students. It offers overall development for students that makes things perfect.

Freedom to choose subjects

One of the best parts about CBSE is that students are allowed to choose some subjects that align with their interest lines. It is not mandatory to select a particular topic as the student enjoys the subject choice freedom. CBSE is known to be one of the most flexible dreams, so one should not be stressed while choosing it.


The CBSE board is uniform all over India, and the curriculum is generally the same for all the schools that offer that board. English and Hindi are typically used as a medium of instruction which can be pretty helpful for families which shift from one city to another often due to work reasons. There is no need to worry about the change in the curriculum for the kids.

Language friendly

CBSE offers English and Hindi medium schools, and the teaching medium is perfect for Indian students. The grading system of the CBSE board it’s pretty uniform and consistent. It follows a specific design and structure of grading that allows the students to follow seamlessly.

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