School Trips

Qutab Minar Visit

The GD Goenka Signature School organized a special outing for its students and mentors. Excited students boarded the buses along with their mentors at 8:45am and set out for a wonderful trip to the Qutab Minar, a historical monument built by Qutab Ud-Din-Aibak . Once they reached the venue, they enjoyed observing the inscriptions on the walls of the monuments, the material used for the construction, the arches, the domes and the gardens. The students were also fascinated with the story behind the unconstructed Alai Minar which was to be made under the supervision of the ambitious Sultan Alla-ud-din Khilji.

Once everyone had been around the minars, pillars and arches they also went to see the famous metallurgical wonder, the Iron Pillar. Finally, all the students sat on the green lawns around the historical sun dial and spent their time playing organized games with their mentors. Thereafter, everyone replenished their energies with a sumptuous lunch and then headed back for school. As the event concluded, the smiles on everyone’s faces reflected the bonhomie of the fun filled day!